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Owning Properties

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There is a massive amount of objects that players can own in MMORPG Project but people are greedy, they want to own houses too! They want to be able to go home from a hard day of school and relax! Well I don't blame them!!

I'm currently working on property ownership for the game, I had already modeled a lower end bachelor's suite for the frugal players but what fun is a property that has nothing in it? That's why I want to let the players buy furnitures and decorate their home too! How's that gonna happen.. well that's why I got side tracked and had to make an interactive object system(see previous post). With that system in place, they will be able to buy furnitures then arrange them as they wish!

Stay tuned.. there's much more to come and this is just the beginning of the project!

Interactive Objects

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One of the things I've always hated in games is the props that do nothing. Like a vending machine that is just for looks, a car that you cannot enter, etc. This is why I'm introducing the concept of Interactive Objects in MMORPG Project. I've established an extensible framework that can be attached to any objects that were previously just a useless "prop" ( I literally have then in the "props" folder in Unity) and make them interact-able.

With the interactive object attached, a player can walk up to the object and a "Use" button will pop up which the user can either ignore and walk away making it fade away or press it, which will bring up a menu of things to do with the object. This week I've just added a sitting action, so basically anything you can sit on like a chair, stool, toilet, or a swing can be interacted with. There will of course be much more actions coming! eg. hiding in a garbage can or a locker to hide from school bullies!

MMORPG Quest Maker

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Have you ever played an RPG game and thought that the story could be better?  Well it can!  VNL just released an MMORPG where you can decide what the game is about with the help of our patented technology - The Quest Maker, only available from VNL!  Join the rest of the RPG fans in creating your own quests here today! 

Start letting the rest of the world play on YOUR quests!

Download MMORPG Project

Birth of VNL's MMORPG

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If you have been playing Bad Nerd for a while then you would have noticed that the game was originally single player only, but after a while an online arena was introduced where you could fight other players.  You probably would have also noticed some comments on the Google Play asking why the game doesn't allow you to customize the character, and why the whole game isn't online, and so on and so on...

Before the Zombies episode arrived, some players felt that 100 quests were not long enough, so the Zombies expansion was released with an additional 150 quests!  Yet, some players finished it within a week and screamed for more quests!

What's next from VNL?  Before the Bad Nerd series gets too played out, I think it's time to fulfill some of the players' wishes.  An so the MMORPG Project is born.

What is the MMORPG Project?  What kind of a name is this?  Well, all I know is that I want to make the best MMORPG project out there, based on all the good stuff that people liked about Bad Nerd's open world sandbox RPG concept plus its fully action based combat system.  I want to create a world where people REALLY play in it, with freedom to do lots of stuff.  What stuff?  Any stuff, stupid stuff, even as simple as sitting on a couch or playing on the swings in the playground, to playing rock paper scissors with other people...Basically I want a virtual playground where people have the freedom to open up their inner-child on the internet... It's going to be a lot of tasks and a tremendous amount of work to achieve this.  But just like crap that pile up in your garbage can, a little bit at a time can add up to a lot.  However this doesn't just apply to garbage, it applies to the good stuff in a game too!  Bad analogy?  Perhaps, but I didn't get much sleep lately.. Maybe I shouldn't be writing a blog right now but at least I'm not coding and introducing new bugs to my games!

Anyways, so far since the game's release last week it has been mostly PvP everyman for himself.  Although some players did team up without the system doing any of the match up work(which is non-existent right now).

The game was originally designed not to have any quests.  I had envisioned that there would be another building which players can reside in, making a total of 2 buildings, or schools to be precise.  The idea is that the kids in the school would defend their school's stuff, like trophies and anything of value from being stolen by kids from the other school, and vise versa... Think Team Fortress, capture the flag, etc...  I think that is still a good idea and it has not been scrapped yet.  However, as the game has not reached maturity yet in terms of player count, it is best to concentrate the players in one area first so they don't feel like they are in a ghost town.  Once there are enough players, then the work on that original idea can commence.

What is the interim path to keep people playing then?  I'm guessing that one of the biggest hole fillers of all MMOs are quests.  You just can't get around it.  It's pretty much the bread and butter of RPGs.

Quests take a lot of time to make so I'd have to take time away from bug fixes and adding new features just to keep making enough quests for players to keep playing.  But wait... There was an idea that I had last year for Random Toons(Seems like 10 years ago!) which was to allow players to make their own quests.  I day dreamed about it many times but I was always too busy or too lazy to do anything about it.  But now that I'm 100% committed to making games, games that I want to see out there;  I have no excuse but to make this happen.

Well.. After about 5 days of work, the Quest Maker was born last night!  Since then there are already over 50 user created quests.  The power of collaboration!  I've also created 5 official quests myself with the quest maker.  But so far I'm pretty pleased with the quest maker... And it's only going to get better, with different quest types and other bells and whistles.

Branching off the idea of give players the power to create, I was also thinking of allowing them to write and publish their own story books so that others can read them in the library.  It would be very interesting to see what people come up with!

Ok... I have better go get some sleep now... Stay tuned!

Nerd vs Zombies Is Released!

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The sequel so many people have been waiting for is finally here!

This time Bad Nerd will be battling a different form of bullies.  The kind that will not discriminate, they will eat you even if you are not a nerd!

For zombie genre lovers, this is made just for you!  Check it out in the market now!

If you have been playing Bad Nerd and you've been waiting for this sequel you don't have to download the separate game.  Just update Bad Nerd from the market and launch the game and you can resume where you left off with all your inventory items available to you to battle the zombies!

Bad Nerd Online Arena

posted Aug 25, 2012, 4:28 PM by VNL Entertainment test   [ updated Aug 25, 2012, 4:31 PM ]

For a while Bad Nerd had an online option in the main menu where players can opt to go into a death match.  The match will bring you to the Auditorium map where you can brawl with all the other players. 

Recently there has been an effort to evolve the game into an online experience.  The first step is to streamline the multiplayer option so that it doesn't feel like a completely different game slapped on top of the single player game.  This first step has lead to the creation of a new room called the Online Arena.  It is accessible while you are in the single player game and all you have to do is to walk into the door, like any other door in the game and you will be in the Online Arena where you are connected to any other players who are also in that room at that time.  I think this makes the 2 parts of the game feel more integrated as you can go in and out of the online mode without the need to exit the single player mode and then go back into the game for the online play via any menus.  Of course, you could still jump right into the online game straight from the menu if you feel like skipping the single player mode all together.

It's probably worth mentioning that any progress you made with money, items, or upgrades of any sort will carry across the 2 modes.  I noticed that lots of players like to go online to beat up others, or just wait around for others to get beat up so they could scavenge the losers' left over items! 

This new change is a good start but we're not quite there yet.  I'd really like to evolve the game into a truly online experience.  I want to launch into the game, and walk around the hallway and see real schoolmates from another part of the world instead of AI schoolmates walking around.  I want to be able to make friends with real schoolmates, or make enemies with them, form a gang or a club with them, and do things together.   Soon, it will happen!

Bad Nerd Online

posted Jun 28, 2012, 3:26 PM by VNL Entertainment test

Even though Bad Nerd is released and is pretty stable now, there is still much work to do. 

As stated on the game feature list, one of the points is that Bad Nerd is a continuously growing game.  The release of the game is just a start.  There's a lot more that I want to do so that the game will become a truly engaging one as opposed to the 1000 games on the market that is basically cookie-cut and are pretty much the exact same thing as each other.

One of the things that I'm currently working on is to enable players to play online.  Bad Nerd is not an easy game to finish, but there are players that have finished it and are asking for more.  I'll definitely be adding more to the single player mode, but to truly make the game replayable it will have to go online!

So what will Bad Nerd do online?  There are a few ideas, but I will only write about the first one for now.  I'd like to see Bad Nerd go online in a tournament against other nerds.  Whatever items and attributes you have gained in the single player mode can be brought online for the fight to see who the baddest nerd in the world is.  It will be a persistent tournament where you must climb your way to be the best fighter.   Initially everyone will be  at the same level, but as soon as anyone gets beaten, or wins, the rankings will start shifting.  You will of course gain money if you win and be able to salvage the loser's items and sell them, then you can use this money to improve yourself.

When will this be ready?  Well I hope soon!  Stay tuned!


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I got an email from Zeemote last Friday asking if I'd be interested to enable Zeemote for Bad Nerd.  They offered to ship 2 remote controls for Android to me and surprisingly it arrived just a couple days after I accepted!

I'm not sure how to implement this to my game yet, or if I'll be able to do it with good user experience but the remote controls look and feel pretty good so far as far as its build quality.

The controller has 4 buttons and 1 joystick.  It takes 2 AAA batteries. 

This is all I know about it so far.  Stay tuned!

Another Bad Nerd Review

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