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Bad Nerd Online Arena

posted Aug 25, 2012, 4:28 PM by VNL Entertainment test   [ updated Aug 25, 2012, 4:31 PM ]
For a while Bad Nerd had an online option in the main menu where players can opt to go into a death match.  The match will bring you to the Auditorium map where you can brawl with all the other players. 

Recently there has been an effort to evolve the game into an online experience.  The first step is to streamline the multiplayer option so that it doesn't feel like a completely different game slapped on top of the single player game.  This first step has lead to the creation of a new room called the Online Arena.  It is accessible while you are in the single player game and all you have to do is to walk into the door, like any other door in the game and you will be in the Online Arena where you are connected to any other players who are also in that room at that time.  I think this makes the 2 parts of the game feel more integrated as you can go in and out of the online mode without the need to exit the single player mode and then go back into the game for the online play via any menus.  Of course, you could still jump right into the online game straight from the menu if you feel like skipping the single player mode all together.

It's probably worth mentioning that any progress you made with money, items, or upgrades of any sort will carry across the 2 modes.  I noticed that lots of players like to go online to beat up others, or just wait around for others to get beat up so they could scavenge the losers' left over items! 

This new change is a good start but we're not quite there yet.  I'd really like to evolve the game into a truly online experience.  I want to launch into the game, and walk around the hallway and see real schoolmates from another part of the world instead of AI schoolmates walking around.  I want to be able to make friends with real schoolmates, or make enemies with them, form a gang or a club with them, and do things together.   Soon, it will happen!