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Birth of VNL's MMORPG

posted Nov 2, 2012, 10:22 AM by VNL Entertainment test   [ updated Nov 14, 2012, 9:55 AM ]

If you have been playing Bad Nerd for a while then you would have noticed that the game was originally single player only, but after a while an online arena was introduced where you could fight other players.  You probably would have also noticed some comments on the Google Play asking why the game doesn't allow you to customize the character, and why the whole game isn't online, and so on and so on...

Before the Zombies episode arrived, some players felt that 100 quests were not long enough, so the Zombies expansion was released with an additional 150 quests!  Yet, some players finished it within a week and screamed for more quests!

What's next from VNL?  Before the Bad Nerd series gets too played out, I think it's time to fulfill some of the players' wishes.  An so the MMORPG Project is born.

What is the MMORPG Project?  What kind of a name is this?  Well, all I know is that I want to make the best MMORPG project out there, based on all the good stuff that people liked about Bad Nerd's open world sandbox RPG concept plus its fully action based combat system.  I want to create a world where people REALLY play in it, with freedom to do lots of stuff.  What stuff?  Any stuff, stupid stuff, even as simple as sitting on a couch or playing on the swings in the playground, to playing rock paper scissors with other people...Basically I want a virtual playground where people have the freedom to open up their inner-child on the internet... It's going to be a lot of tasks and a tremendous amount of work to achieve this.  But just like crap that pile up in your garbage can, a little bit at a time can add up to a lot.  However this doesn't just apply to garbage, it applies to the good stuff in a game too!  Bad analogy?  Perhaps, but I didn't get much sleep lately.. Maybe I shouldn't be writing a blog right now but at least I'm not coding and introducing new bugs to my games!

Anyways, so far since the game's release last week it has been mostly PvP everyman for himself.  Although some players did team up without the system doing any of the match up work(which is non-existent right now).

The game was originally designed not to have any quests.  I had envisioned that there would be another building which players can reside in, making a total of 2 buildings, or schools to be precise.  The idea is that the kids in the school would defend their school's stuff, like trophies and anything of value from being stolen by kids from the other school, and vise versa... Think Team Fortress, capture the flag, etc...  I think that is still a good idea and it has not been scrapped yet.  However, as the game has not reached maturity yet in terms of player count, it is best to concentrate the players in one area first so they don't feel like they are in a ghost town.  Once there are enough players, then the work on that original idea can commence.

What is the interim path to keep people playing then?  I'm guessing that one of the biggest hole fillers of all MMOs are quests.  You just can't get around it.  It's pretty much the bread and butter of RPGs.

Quests take a lot of time to make so I'd have to take time away from bug fixes and adding new features just to keep making enough quests for players to keep playing.  But wait... There was an idea that I had last year for Random Toons(Seems like 10 years ago!) which was to allow players to make their own quests.  I day dreamed about it many times but I was always too busy or too lazy to do anything about it.  But now that I'm 100% committed to making games, games that I want to see out there;  I have no excuse but to make this happen.

Well.. After about 5 days of work, the Quest Maker was born last night!  Since then there are already over 50 user created quests.  The power of collaboration!  I've also created 5 official quests myself with the quest maker.  But so far I'm pretty pleased with the quest maker... And it's only going to get better, with different quest types and other bells and whistles.

Branching off the idea of give players the power to create, I was also thinking of allowing them to write and publish their own story books so that others can read them in the library.  It would be very interesting to see what people come up with!

Ok... I have better go get some sleep now... Stay tuned!