Ninja RPG

In this action packed open world sandbox RPG you are a ninja on a quest for vengeance! You will be fighting all sorts of bad guys including thugs, ninja foes, and samurais in a corrupt city, taking their money and loot,  upgrading yourself with a wide range of ninja weapons, armor, and many more cool items!  Cleanse the city with your lethal ninja arsenal and killer techniques!

Current Features:

- Fresh new modern settings
- Open city environment
- Over 150 quests, and still growing
- Loads of items such as weapons, armor, gadgets, etc..
- Simple inventory and shop system
- Over 30 lethal moves
- Simple control system
- Visually stimulating characters that you'd want to beat up
- Many types of evil ninja enemies to destroy

Ninja RPG is from the creators of Bad Nerd and MMORPG Project.  This game will eventually have an MMO RPG counterpart like our other games!  Except the new MMO will take place in a city instead of a school.  Stay tuned!

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