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Custom Unity Android Activity

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This product is for JAVA developers who want to customize the Android Activity.

In just 6 simple steps you can integrate your custom java/android code to leverage Unity 3d.

Example of why you would use this:

- Social integration such as facebook api, twitter, admob, etc.   
- Using java to access your network server.        
- Take full control of android activity so for example you can have back all the hardware buttons if needed.   

NOTE: Unity 3.4 required.  

If you just want to have ads in your game please buy "Instant Ads Android Plugin" instead.       

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Essential Android Utilities Pack helps you do the following with under 3 lines of code!

Internationalize: With this package, you can now display text in ANY languages that Android supports.  This is done via Android's native text display and can be done now with just 2 lines of code in Unity!

Tracking with Google Analytics:  Just 2 lines of code!

Facebook Posts:  Just 1 line of code!

Monetize with TapJoy: Freemium is the way to go now.  Many players don't want to pay for virtual items, you can now allow users to "purchase" your virtual items without paying, while you still make money via Tapjoy!  This can be done with just 4 lines of code!

Monetize with Banners and Full Screen Ads: Need to squeeze more cash out of your games?  Do this via Mobclix with just 1 line of code!

6 banner ad positions easily configurable!! Ad on/off toggle can be done in Unity code too!

Download this right to your project and instantly enable all of these essential features!

This package comes with a ready to run demo scene.  Just load it up and build it.  See the only demo class in the game for full comments on how to use it.  Mostly just 1 liner code so you won't have trouble!

Unity 3.4 tested.  Lower versions are not guaranteed to work!